Risk Management

Use our accounting, auditing and investigative skills to analyse your company's financial statements for possible fraud.


  • Commercial disputes

Baker Tilly’s Forensic specialists provide services related to litigation support in Commercial Law and International or National Criminal Business Law, International Economic Law, Intellectual property, Early case assessment, Breach of contract, Professional negligence etc.

  • International arbitration

Investigate, assess and prepare for commercial and treaty-based claims, assisting closely the clients during the dispute resolution process.

  • Expert Witness Services

Provide expert opinions based on circumstances, evidence, facts or experiences to assist in legal cases and investigations.

Financial Crime

  • Fraud Investigation

Baker Tilly’s Forensic specialists are able to investigate, by request, unusual financial activity, perform electronic evidence discovery

  • Fraud Risk Management

 and review financial reports — all with confidentiality, sensitivity and celerity.

Help organizations to review their fraud policies and procedures to ensure that they are effectively reducing risks, improve management processes, and their policies are in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations

  • Forensic Due Diligence

Uncover significant red flags by going beyond the stated disclosures and conducting forensic analysis of the investment manager’s data and operations

  • Bribery and Corruption Risk

Evaluate the level of risk of the company’s employees from the perspective of possibility to disobey the regulations, policies and rules of law

Consultancy, Support & Legal Representation in proceedings of insurance – reinsurance and in all kind of related litigations

  • Consultancy and due diligence

Baker Tilly Forensic provides exhaustive consultancy for all type of insurance-reinsurance contracts and for specific legislations.

  • Investigating details

Investigation of all fraud’s details arising from insurance-reinsurance activities.

  • Gathering, analyzing and processing information

Gathering, processing and analyzing all data and information regarding the intention of fraud in the insurance-reinsurance process; analysis of all kind of evidence which can help to configure the exactly value of the damages and the level of individual resilience or company’s resilience


  • Juridical and Financial Audit 

Baker Tilly’s Forensic Attorneys together with Baker Tilly’s specialists in economical audit created an intelligent program for the detection of internal fraud based on juridical and financial audit, and on the analysis of systems, processes and the assessment of the risk of fraud and even also of the commercial risks.

The juridical and economical audit take into consideration the examination and assessment of all the existing procedures, internal rules and regulations, control systems concerning the risk of fraud and commercial risks and verify all the clients’ existing contracts closed or in deregulation.

The results of the audit are comprised and materialized in a legal opinion report which design and create procedures and control mechanisms corresponding to the best practice to limit the risk of fraud or commercial risks.