IT Audit & IT Advisory

Meet your business objectives by aligning your IT Operations

The IT Audit is the examination and evaluation of an organisation's information technology infrastructure, policies and operations. It determines whether IT controls protects corporate assets and ensures data integrity.

IT Auditors examine not only security controls, but also overall business and financial controls that involve information technology systems.


Why to do an IT Audit:

  1. Ensure that processes are working properly

  2. Determine risks to a company's information assets

  3. Reveal weaknesses

  4. Save money by using the IT software more efficiently

  5. Determine inefficiencies in IT systems

  6. Analyse the integrity of your networks Evaluate the effectiveness of business-continuity

  7. Ensure processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws and standards

  8. Reduces the risk of fraud

  9. Meet the requirements of Stock Exchange

  10. Add value by establishing an official system of internal controls


Our IT Audit & Advisory services include:

  • IT Assessment
  • IT Risk Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • ERP Quality Assurance
  • IT Due diligence
  • Business support and internal processes