Financial Audit and Assurance

Take informed decisions and reduce the informational risk

Are you in one of the following situations?

  • "I'm new to the job and I want to make sure everything is OK."

  • "We just had a colleague leaving and we want to be sure everything is OK."

  • "We had an embezzlement and we want to know how much we lost."

  • "We think our bookkeeper needs help and we want you to find out for sure."

  • "We want to apply for a bank credit."


What is a certified Audit?

The primary goal of an audit is to express an opinion on the financial statements of a company: the financial statements are fairly presented, and they are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The purpose of these rules is to promote consistency and fairness in financial reporting throughout the business community.


How do you know if you need an Audit?

When clients ask us about the need for an audit, we go through a series of questions to help them make the proper decision:

  1. Does your company need to be compliant to different by-laws or jurisdictions? It is surprising how many clients come to us requesting audit services only after someone took a few minutes to read the by-laws or got a letter from the authorities!
  2. Do you have or do you want a bank loan that has a covenant requiring an audit? In order to comply with the loan covenant, an audit must be performed.
  3. Are you planning a new investment in the future? If so, you need to anticipate that investors may be seeking to review your audited financial statements.
  4. Do you receive or wish to receive money from government, private grants or EU Funds? Very few agencies will release funds without a financial audit.
  5. What size is your company? Medium and Large companies are significant participants in the business community and are expected to exercise good business practices. 

Our Audit and Assurance services include:

  • External audit services (statutory & international standard audits - IFRSs)

  • Review services

  • Agreed upon procedures services

  • Compilation services

  • Due diligences

  • Internal audit services

  • EU Funds Audit