Assurance Services

Your organisation needs are unique to your industry and the specific challenges it faces. The increased regulatory requirements along with the rapidly changing global business landscape, are increasing stakeholder demands and are resulting in challenges for the management of all organisations.

We at Baker Tilly understand that each organisation is in a distinct place and needs a tailor-made approach in order to reach its goals. Whether you need complex audit services, financial statements preparation or review, or something more outside the box like agreed upon procedures, our specialised professionals have the skills and experience to provide the services you need.

Whether to meet legal requirements, or satisfy the needs of financiers, shareholders or other stakeholders, our clients not only value the robust assurance our services provide, but also the pragmatic and commercial approach we take that adds value and improves business performance.

With a dedicated technical team, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality and professional standards.

We utilize a risk-based audit methodology that requires a thorough understanding of our clients’ organisation, its goals and objectives, key business risks, operations and financial processes.  This understanding not only provides the foundation for highly effective assurance services, but also gives us insights which we use to provide our clients further value.

How we can help you

  • We provide solutions to issues that arise throughout the audit process
  • We meet regularly with our clients thus creating the necessary relationship which ensures the audit process is properly planned and performed with the minimum disruption to our clients 
  • We carry out a risk based approach to auditing, thus minimizing costs and maximizing delivery of value to the business
  • We work closely with our clients to deliver other value adding related services which are identified during the audit process, such as improvements to internal control systems, procedures and processes enabling them to maximize the potential of their businesses
  • We keep our clients informed of changes in financial reporting and other legislative material on an ongoing basis
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